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Movies featured in The Great Movie Ride 1/12

Mary Poppins (1964)

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I want your kisses to be mine and no one else’s.

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Chinwe Ohanele; "Afromentality-Shame" (via ezibota)

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What is my worth, if I cannot be attractive? What is my worth, if I cannot attract attention? What is my worth if I am not dainty? What is my worth, if I am not skilled in the kitchen? What is my worth if I am not soft-spoken? The language of feminism was meant to answer those question by reminding women, and men who live outside the self-prescribed boxes of gender, that your worth is inherent, it arrived when you were born, it stays with you long after you die.



Well I wrote your name and burned it,
See the color of the flame.
And it burned out the whole spectrum,
As if you were everything.
Mine just burned gold,
A normal flame.
I am not anything.

and every night there was a new girl sitting beside me in my car
something dies when you grow older
but you do the best you can
i am glad
i am glad
you found a good man

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